JiaCyuan was established in Taiwan Corporation in 1991, we are professional lubricants blending plant, has expertise, technology, equipment. Our products are 100% Made In Taiwan, cooperation with the Formosa Plastics enterprise, additives and foreign well-known manufacturers Lubrizol, HiTec ...... and so on, stable supply with more than a decade, quality stability, high-quality, trustworthy.

About Business

◆Scooter, Motorcycle lubricants:2T, 4T, MA, MA2, MB
◆ Automotive Lubricants:Each designation gasoline and diesel engines
◆ Heavy-diesel engine lubricants: vans, trucks, buses, industry machine
◆ Industrial oil, machinery lubricants, blending all kinds of industry use it.

◆ Marine Oil, Boat, ships used, High TBN characteristic.

◆ Customized lubricants, customized own brand

◆ Deployment of industrial oil production and packaging

◆JiaCyuan's all of lubricant brands are 100% Made In Taiwan.

About Advantages

About Produce Ability

JIACYUAN has three major advantages: Stable production ability, Power of export experience, JIACYUAN exclusive export trailer service.

About Export Domain

JiaCyuan actively expand overseas areas, expand international horizons, and Lebanon, Australia, Southeast Asia, stable export cooperation, initially with motorcycle-based oil, has been with the outward expansion to the lubricants in every area, JiaCyuan service Every customer, every custom product once again proved that Taiwan's professional and stable quality and trust.

About Source

JiaCyuan selection of raw materials, not only requires quality, but also requires quality, clear and stable source.....

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Our Brand

JiaCyuan has own brand, including OIL KNIGHT/MEILI/ALBEE, divide to Motorcylce oil, Automotive engine oil and industry oil.

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Our Test Equipment

JiaCyuan has exclusive product testing laboratory, we think ensure strict product is our duty.

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Oil Knight - 4T Motorcycle oil

Oil Knight Infinite, 5W50, 10W60, 10W40, 20W50,15W40 are in line with international SM ...

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Oil Knight- Automotive Engine oil

100% Taiwan local production,divided into gasoline engines, heavy-duty diesel engines, light diesel engine lubricants.

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MEILI-Racing Synthetic oil

PRO - series │ High-temp stability AND MAX-series│Excellent Anti-wear effect

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Industrial Oil

Customized the industrial oil, enhance the mechanical efficienc, Reduce costs.

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