About Automotive Oil Testing Equipment

Automotive Lubricant Testing Equipment

If there is a request for inspection, please provide the company name and contact information for follow-up contact details.

About Us

JiaCyuan was established in Taiwan Corporation in 1991, we are professional lubricants blending plant, has....

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Our Brand

JiaCyuan has own brand, including OIL KNIGHT/MEILI/ALBEE, divide to Motorcylce oil, Automotive engine oil and industry oil.

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Contact Us

If you intesting in JiaCyuan's product,please send the E-mail or give us the call, JiaCyuan will serve you with appreciate!

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Oil Knight - 4T Motorcycle oil

Oil Knight Infinite, 5W50, 10W60, 10W40, 20W50,15W40 are in line with international SM ...

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Oil Knight- Automotive Engine oil

100% Taiwan local production,divided into gasoline engines, heavy-duty diesel engines, light diesel engine lubricants.

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MEILI-Racing Synthetic oil

PRO - series │ High-temp stability AND MAX-series│Excellent Anti-wear effect

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Industrial Oil

Customized the industrial oil, enhance the mechanical efficienc, Reduce costs.

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