About MEILI - MAX Series

MEILI Automotive oil is divided into MEILI-PRO Series, MEILI-MAX Series lubricants.




MEILI series of 100% fully synthetic lubricants, specifically for the Taiwan climate, roads, driving conditions and other conditions,
Divided into general endurance high temperature series - PRO, anti-wear racing series - MAX, providing different numbers and viscosity, according to personal driving habits to choose series and products, and complete the vehicle running lubrication function.
PRO is divided into 5W/30,5W/50,10W/40,10W/50
MAX is divided into 0W/30,5W/50,10W/40
This series can be used in general gasoline engine vehicles, providing high-speed lubrication, powerful horsepower, suitable for those who like to experience the feeling of driving fast gallop selection.