About Base Oil

JiaCyuan selected raw material not only requires quality, more quality requirements, Switzerland-INEOS, Finland-NESTE, South Korea-SK, UK -CRODA, Taiwan-Formosa Hydrogenation base oil, Germany-BASF, USA-CP chem, all the source of clear and stable, all through the hydrocracker bottoms product of hydroisomerization Production, improve product performance base.

JIACYUAN adopt INEOS® is the world's largest merchant marketer of polyalpha olefins (PAOs):It's for VI type base oil that provide improved low-temperature's start speed and oil film stability in any situation.

JIACYUAN adopt NESTE NEXBASE® base oils are produced in the Porvoo refiner, Finland, and in Bahrain by hydroisomerization of hydrocracker bottoms:provide III and VI type base oil that more Hydrogenation effect of high saturation and heterogeneous high stability.

JIACYUAN adopt SK Yubase® base oils are Base oils produced by hydrocracking and/or wax isomerization :provide III type base oil that Saturates are typically 99%, above the Group III minimum of 90%

JIACYUAN adopt CRODA® base oils are under the renowned brands Perfad™, Priolube™ and Emkarox™ are well known in the industry as high performing, reliable products:provide V type esters base oil that stable polyol ester provide high-temperature stregth oil film.

JIACYUAN adopt FORMOSA® base oils are Secondary hydrogenation, quality of nearly III types of base oil , reliable products:High-quality secondary hydrogenation and hydrogenation, high-coefficient effect of saturated stable base oil.

JIAYUAN adopt BASF® Base oil are full synthetic at high temperature important composition, especially use ester series, reach the automotive and motorcycle or other lubricants high-class demand, Synative provide all comprehensive ester protection performance.

JIACYUAN adopt Synfluid® high-quality polyalphaolefins (PAOs). there are used in many synthetic products such as lubricants, greases and fluids, and have emerged as essential components in many industries and applications.

About Additives

JiaCyuan and the United States LUBRIZOL, the United Kingdom INFINEUM , Germany Evonik with special additives to enhance performance, the perfect match with the base oil parameter testing, many additives have repulsion phenomenon, JiaCyuan through continuous screening and elimination of sources, the real test performance, high precision Degree of compatibility and complementary performance release.

JIACYUAN adopt LUBRIZOL® Additives are under the renowned brands combine complex specialty chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of products : provide all of the lubricants different function effect, special isomerism achieve special application.

JIACYUAN adopt INFINEUM® Additives are Performance requirements are becoming more stringent, driven principally by emissions legislation, demands for fuel efficiency, and continuing requirements for extended hardware durability.

JIAYUAN adopt Viscoplex® additives from Germany, using the newly developed anti-high shear force of the series, while providing a high viscosity index and a combination of three types of polymerization, we use the highest quality, to present the best racing grade lubricants.

JIACYUAN adopt AFTON® Additives are Performance requirements are becoming more stringent, driven principally by emissions legislation, demands for fuel efficiency, and continuing requirements for extended hardware durability.

About Us

JiaCyuan was established in Taiwan Corporation in 1991, we are professional lubricants blending plant, has....

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Our Brand

JiaCyuan has own brand, including OIL KNIGHT/MEILI/ALBEE, divide to Motorcylce oil, Automotive engine oil and industry oil.

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Our Test Equipment

JiaCyuan has exclusive product testing laboratory, we think ensure strict product is our duty.

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Oil Knight - 4T Motorcycle oil

Oil Knight Infinite, 5W50, 10W60, 10W40, 20W50,15W40 are in line with international SM ...

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Oil Knight- Automotive Engine oil

100% Taiwan local production,divided into gasoline engines, heavy-duty diesel engines, light diesel engine lubricants.

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MEILI-Racing Synthetic oil

PRO - series │ High-temp stability AND MAX-series│Excellent Anti-wear effect

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Industrial Oil

Customized the industrial oil, enhance the mechanical efficienc, Reduce costs.

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